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"Hi, Lou –


Wanted to provide feedback. In short, Ryan was awesome.  He was helpful and friendly to everyone, completed a number of tasks and was a big help to me when we had visitors on-site that had questions about our server room and DR site.  Ryan also wrapped up the file gathering for our insurance carrier 

As always, thank you to StarNet for the support and a special thanks to Ryan. 




"Let me just take a moment to thank you and the guys for everything today. Lord knows we all work under stressful, this must be done now, conditions because of the nature of our work. But you continue to exceed my expectations each and every time.

I'm just a small agency IT guy with perhaps a support tier two knowledge base and a lot of experience. But you guys, all, are savior's to me, and the appreciation I feel for all of your help can never be overstated. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, from the IT guy that seems to get hit with all the left field sh*t.

I may take some lumps from the bosses for the downtime, but it's easy to do knowing that without your expert help, it would have been much, much worse. Things the bosses will never understand. You keep telling me to let him yell at you because you don't mind. But in my position, you all are the lone gunman's riding out from the setting sun to once more bring peace to the settlement.

I would rather you only felt our appreciation instead of the yelling curses of those who don't understand what it is that you do. And so, I will always stand between you and the bullets that are complaints.

Ride on, lone gunmen. It is we who honor your visit."

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